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ARVYS Proteins Inc., a contract research organization (CRO), specializes in custom Protein Services for drug discovery and life science research. Our protein reagents are used in target validation studies, high-throughput assay screening, structural biology research, protein-protein interaction studies, diagnostics and biologics development, in vivo and toxicology studies. Strong integrated expertise in protein biochemistry and cell culture, working experience with various recombinant expression systems and protein classes, up-to-date knowledge in protein technologies, enable us to become a reliable and resourceful partner for our clients.

To assure efficient and economical production of active recombinant proteins, we offer a number of expression systems designed to meet specific goals, ranging from expression of tagged proteins for discovery research to production of biologics for preclinical development. Protein production yields are optimized by selection of an appropriate expression system, generation of a high-producing expression construct, optimization of fermentation/cell culture conditions and purification processes. We also provide native protein purification development and production from natural sources. Our project deliverables are tailored to clients's specifications of scale, purity, analytical characterization and activity.

Our Protein Services Include

  1. Protein Expression
  2. Fermentation and Cell Culture
  3. Protein Purification
  4. Protein Characterization
  5. Functional Assays and Assay Development
  6. ELISA Development
  7. Protein Labeling and Conjugation
  8. Endotoxin Removal
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Protein Types That We Routinely Work With

  1. Antibodies
  2. Enzymes
  3. Cytokines and Growth Factors
  4. Antigens for Diagnostics and Antibody Production
  5. DNA-Binding Proteins
  6. Structural Proteins
  7. Membrane Receptor Proteins
  8. Multi-Subunit Protein Complexes
  9. Cell Adhesion Proteins
  10. Coagulation Factors and Plasma Proteins
  11. And More

We deliver

  1. Strong Expertise in Protein Technologies
  2. Aggressive Timelines
  3. Open Pricing Policy
  4. Performance Under Strict Confidentiality
  5. Close Attention to Client's Needs and Requirements
  6. Weekly Project Updates
  7. Continued Technical Support After Project Completion

"Don't think clean thoughts with dirty enzymes" – is a famous saying of Efraim Racker, one of the founding fathers of modern biochemistry. We believe this philosophy should be extended to all proteins – homogeneous and well characterized preparations save time, effort and resources (more info)

We can help you at any stage of your protein project. Our goal is to become your preferred outsourcing choice for Protein Services and we will work hard to earn your business.

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