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Expertise in Protein Technologies

Using latest advances in Protein Technologies ARVYS Proteins Inc. strives to provide the highest quality custom protein services in the industry. We work closely with you, analyze your project at the planning stage and take several approaches to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Each step of the process is closely monitored by our Protein Experts. If any problems arise, we work diligently to address them for you.

Why a Protein Expert?

  1. Your protein which appears as a single protein band on SDS-PAGE could be heterogeneous due to:
    1. Aggregated, modified or partially degraded forms of the target protein
    2. Other proteins with the same rate of migration on SDS-PAGE
    3. Products from faster growing cells which may come from incomplete clonal selection or clone modification
    4. Presence of highly active impurities which are not easily visualized, such as endotoxin
  2. Heterogeneity in preparations results in the following problems:
    1. Presence of even small amounts of denatured or misfolded proteins may trigger further protein denaturation leading to instability during manipulations and storage
    2. Small impurities may contribute disproportionately to the product concentration measurements resulting in erroneous data interpretation.
    3. In in vivo studies, denatured protein, contaminants and endotoxin may induce unwanted biological responses
    4. In screening experiments, denatured protein may bind inhibitors and significantly affect Ki and IC50 values
  3. Your protein preparation may be fully or partially inactive due to:
    1. Failure to form a native conformation during production or renaturation procedures
    2. Denaturation, degradation or modification
    3. Alteration by protein tagging or labeling
    4. Shielding of an active site by contaminating ligands
  4. Loss or alteration of functional activity results in the following problems:
    1. Ligand binding parameters are changed
    2. Larger amounts of protein have to be used
    3. Result consistency may be affected
    4. Increased contribution from background activity reduces assay window
    5. Biological responses are too low to be measured
  5. Your protein preparation may generate inconsistent and unreliable data.

Get Arvys expertise

  1. We integrate our expertise in genetic engineering, protein expression, protein purification, protein characterization and assay development for each project to ensure project's success.
  2. We monitor activity and stability of proteins through every step of purification procedures thus minimizing presence of aggregated or denatured target protein in your preparations.
  3. Our instrumentation and experience allow us to develop a variety of biochemical and biophysical assays and use them for protein, peptide, and small molecule characterization.
  4. We reduce your cost by maximizing the activity and stability of your protein product.
  5. We deliver endotoxin-free active proteins for your in vivo studies.
  6. Contact our Protein Experts today to discuss your project requirements and find how we can make your project a success.
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