Policies and Practices

Project Scope

Each project is tailored to the customer's specifications of scale, purity, analytical characterization and activity. We help our customers plan their projects in the most cost-efficient manner.

Quality Assurance

We set high standards for our services and stay current with the latest developments in science and technology. To ensure project coordination, a project director from our senior scientific staff is assigned to every project. A project director manages all project stages – initial evaluation, quotation, planning and execution, preparation of final reports, shipments and technical support – and makes sure that a project is performed according to the customer's specifications. A project director is the customer's main contact at ARVYS Proteins.

Pricing Policy

Our goal is to make outsourcing to ARVYS an affordable option for life scientists from both industry and academia, and yet to provide our services at the highest professional level. We are committed to being open with customers about how we price projects. Our web site has a List of Services (accessible via ORDERING menu) where we break up our services to a single assay or a single experimental step. If you decide to proceed, you will need to Request a Quote (see How to Start a Project). In our quotation we will break up our charges according to this list.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times are provided with our official quotes. For some projects, we might break up a full project timeline into milestone timelines and provide customers with turnaround times for each step. We recognize that speed and timeliness are crucial for our clients, and we set aggressive turnaround times. At the same time, we thoroughly evaluate our human and technical resources to make sure the timelines are realistic. Once the timelines are set, we make every effort to meet them.

Technical Support

After completion of a project, we continue working with our customers for the period of 6 months to help them troubleshoot any project-related problems.

Communication with Customers

Customers can reach us by e-mail, FAX or phone. Our quotes, weekly project updates, project reports and data are e-mailed to customers in password-protected files unless a customer requests other means of communication. E-mail is the best way to reach us for any questions, concerns, scheduling a phone/conference call or a meeting. We respond to all our electronic communications as soon as possible, usually within 24 hrs. All billing questions should be sent to billing@arvysproteins.com, general inquiries to info@arvysproteins.com.


We recognize that confidentiality is vital for many of our customers. Our standard Confidential Disclosure Agreement form is provided under WORKING WITH US. Alternatively, a customer's form can be used.


Overnight shipments are sent on Mondays or Tuesdays to allow sufficient time to reach customers during workweek hours. For the same reason, we ask our customers to send us overnight shipments on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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