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Endotoxin Removal from Biological Solutions

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Endotoxin Removal from Biological Solutions

Summary of Commercial Kits and Services


Each removal technique addresses a different problem regarding endotoxins. The most prominent methods that companies have been using are based on separation by size, which uses filtration; separation by charge, which uses ion-exchange resins, separation by phase, which uses a non-ionic detergent Triton X114, and separation by affinity, which uses various ligands.

Commercial Kit Removal Method Recommended Use Company Information
Pierce Detoxi-Gel Polymixin B ligand Proteins Thermo Fisher Scientific
EndoTrapÒ Proprietary non-Polymixin B-based ligand Proteins Hyglos
AltecoÒ LPS Adsorber Tailor-made peptide ligand Proteins Alteco Medical
ToxinEraserTM Modified Polymixin B ligand Proteins Genscript
EtoxiClearTM Proprietary ligand Proteins ProMetic BioSciences Ltd
ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Proprietary resin Proteins Norgen Biotek Corp
BcMagTM Quick Endotoxin Removal Beads Polymixin B ligand Proteins BioClone Inc
ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Proprietary resin Proteins BioSynthesis
PyroCLEAN Biodegradable detergent Proteins ALerCHEK, Inc
MiroCleanÒ Organic extraction Plasmid DNA Mirus
MoBio UltraCleanÒ Organic extraction Plasmid DNA Mo Bio Laboratories Inc.
Endotoxin Removal Kit Organic extraction Plasmid DNA Lambda Biotek
Endotoxin Removal Kit Detergent partitioning Plasmid DNA BioPioneer
AcrodiscÒ Unit Anion-exchange filters Proteins Pall Corporation
EndotoxinOUT Polymixin B ligand Plasmid DNA G BioSciences
Endotoxin Removal Beads Polycationic ligand Proteins Miltenyi Biotec
Wizard MagneSil TfxTM System Proprietary resin Plasmid DNA Promega
Endotoxin Removal solution Phase partitioning by Triton X114 Plasmid DNA Sigma-Aldrich
Affi-PrepÒ Polymyxin Matrix Polymixin B ligand Plasmid DNA Bio-Rad

Although many researchers rely on various endotoxin removal kits in order to do these processes themselves, there are many factors that can effect endotoxin removal such as ligand density, pH, salt concentration, the isoelectric point, and hydrophobicity of the target molecule.  ARVYS Proteins is a contract research company that offers high-quality endotoxin removal services from protein solutions.  If needed, ARVYS Proteins Inc. will develop customized endotoxin removal protocols when a standard protocol cannot be applied for various reasons.


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