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Endotoxin Removal and Testing Services

Endotoxin Removal from biological solutions is critical for many in vivo and cell-based applications, as it interferes with biological response. Endotoxins are liposaccharides that are found in the outer cell wall of Gramm-negative bacteria. Bacteria release endotoxins at the time of lysis. The toxic effect of endotoxins is triggered by its interaction with specific receptors on the immune cells resulting in the release of high concentrations of cytokines and other molecules of immunological significance. Since adventitious endotoxin is present in air, water, labware and it cannot be removed by simple sterilization, it is almost impossible to generate endotoxin-free solutions without a removal procedure. Each Endotoxin Removal project requires a protocol development step that takes into consideration biophysical properties of a target molecule, final sample application and desired formulation. For years we had successfully developed endotoxin removal protocols to meet strict endotoxin presence requirements. We are confident that we can make your Endotoxin Removal project a success.

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Custom Endotoxin removal from aqueous solutions of:

  1. proteins
  2. DNA
  3. peptides
  4. biomass

Endotoxin removal methods are based on:

  1. charge
  2. hydrophobicity
  3. combinantion of charge and hydrophobicity
  4. ligand affinity
  5. size

Endotoxin removal service features:

  1. protein losses are minimized by selection of an appropriate endotoxin removal method and its optimization
  2. scales range from mg to g of a target molecule
  3. endotoxin-free samples are sterilized and distributed into multiple aliquots for convenience
  4. delivered in an application-compatible buffer

Endotoxin Testing service:

  1. turnaround times are less than 1 week in most cases -Endotoxin Assay Quote Request
  2. high-throughput assay capacity
  3. detergent-compatible r-Factor C fluorescence-based assay is used for Endotoxin Testing in conjunction with Endotoxin Removal service
  4. detection levels below 0.01EU/ml
  5. LAL kinetic assay and other endotoxin assays are available

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Endotoxin Removal and Testing Services