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Functional Assays and Assay Development

We offer our experience in Functional Assays and Assay Development for detailed mechanistic studies of a target protein, bioanalytical measurments and high-throughput screening. Since we thoroughly characterize the materials for which an assay is developed, our assays have maximized signal windows, low variability and are economical. These assays can have diverse applications such as analysis of enzyme activities, small molecule binding to proteins, protein-protein interactions and nucleic acid-protein interactions. In addition, we offer our services for outsourcing your assays or mechanistic studies.

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Functional modes

  1. protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, protein-small molecule or peptide binding interactions
  2. receptor functional assays
  3. enzymatic activity
  4. direct, indirect, sandwich, and competitive ELISA -ELISA Development Services
  5. inhibition

Assay Formats

  1. 96-well plate
  2. single sample (for UV/Vis absorbance)
  3. HTS-compatible

Preferred detection methods

  1. fluorescence intensity
  2. fluorescence polarization
  3. fluorescence energy resonance transfer (FRET)
  4. luminescence
  5. light absorbance

Assay targets

  1. enzymes
  2. antibodies
  3. receptors
  4. inhibitors
  5. peptides
  6. small molecules

Assay Deliverables

  1. binding site characterization (Bmax and Jd)
  2. enzyme steady state kinetic parameters determination (Km and Vmax)
  3. inhibitor characterization
  4. single point inhibition for multiple inhibitors at a specified concentration
  5. IC50 and Ki determination
  6. analysis of tight binding inhibitor kinetics
  7. concentration determination for proteins, peptides and small molecules

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Functional Assays and Assay Development