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Protein Characterization Services

Analytical Protein Characterization ensures the identity, purity, structural and conformational integrity and activity of a protein. We perform a number of routine protein analyses throughout all project stages. If needed, we can submit your samples for additional methods of characterization. We also offer specialized protein characterization services for purified proteins.

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Analysis of raw, intermediate and final protein products

  1. electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, native-PAGE, IEF-PAGE, urea-PAGE)
  2. Western blot -Western Blot Assay Quote Request
  3. dot blot
  4. enzyme activity assay by light absorbance or fluorescence
  5. ELISA (direct, indirect, sandwich or competitive)-ELISA Development Services
  6. protein assay (A280, BCA or equivalent)
  7. antibody isotyping
  8. endotoxin measurement -Endotoxin Assay Quote Request
  9. contaminating DNA assay
  10. UV-Vis absorption spectrum

Preparation and submission of protein samples for

  1. amino acid analysis
  2. N-terminal analysis
  3. protein identification and analysis by mass-spectrometry
  4. extinction coefficient determination

Protein characterization

  1. analytical size exclusion chromatography (native MW estimate, aggregation analysis)
  2. analytical ion-exchange chromatography (oxidation)
  3. purity analysis by densitometry
  4. UV-Vis light absorption spectroscopy
  5. analysis of oxidation, degradation and aggregation products
  6. protein deglycosylation analysis

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Protein Characterization Services