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Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a widely used assay in diagnostics, drug discovery, clinical development and other life-science industries. This is a sensitive assay that detects and quantifies a target molecule in biological fluids or solutions. ELISA can be performed in various formats and platforms. Although a target-specific antibody is the central aspect of an ELISA, other components are also critical for the assay performance. Our seamless, integrated expertise in antibody-antigen biochemistry, functional assays, recombinant protein production, hybridoma cell culture, antibody purification, characterization and conjugation allows us to deliver a fully optimized and validated ELISA for its intended final application.

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ELISA types

  1. direct
  2. indirect
  3. sandwich
  4. competition
  5. inhibition

ELISA detection options

  1. visible absorbance
  2. fluorescence
  3. luminescence

ELISA design includes selection of:

  1. assay format
  2. antibody or antibody pair
  3. standards
  4. plate-coating chemistry
  5. blocking and wash buffers
  6. detection strategy
  7. detection reagents

ELISA optimization involves testing of various:

  1. concentrations of antibodies, samples and buffers
  2. coating protocols
  3. detection protocols
  4. chessboard titrations

ELISA validation parameters are tested:

  1. robustness
  2. precision
  3. trueness
  4. uncertainty
  5. limit of quantification
  6. dilutional linearity
  7. parallelism
  8. recovery
  9. selectivity
  10. sample stability

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ELISA Development Services