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Fermentation and Cell Culture Services

The quality of starting materials resulting from Fermentation Scale Up often determine the purification strategy or even the success of purification. Our Cell Culture Services aim at achieving maximal r-protein production through optimization of fermentation processes and it could be a very important purification step in itself. Time and effort invested at this stage often result in substantially shorter purification protocols and higher yields of active r-protein. Our experience with various high-producing cell lines, cell culture growth modes, media formulations, methods of protein extraction, fractionation and enrichment enables us to design the most optimal production process for your starting materials.

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Large scale plasmid DNA preparation

Large Scale Protein Production

  1. clarified conditioned media up to 200L
  2. mammalian cell pellet
  3. insect cell paste
  4. bacterial paste from up to 50L of culture
  5. transient transfection into mammalian cells
  6. infection of insect cells with high-titer baculovirus
  7. propagation of stably-expressing insect or mammalian cells
  8. suspension cell line growth in shake flasks and Wave bioreactors
  9. adherent cell line growth in multifloor flasks and cell factories

Cell lysis options

  1. sonication
  2. homogenization
  3. detergent solubilization
  4. hypotonic solution treatment
  5. combination of the above

Inclusion bodies refolding screen

Target protein enrichment by

  1. ammonium sulfate precipitation
  2. sucrose gradient centrifugation
  3. differential detergent extraction
  4. partition into Triton X-114
  5. treatment for membrane preparations
  6. inclusion bodies isolation, wash, solubilization and refolding

Concentration and buffer exchange of conditioned media by

  1. centrifugation
  2. tangential flow filtration (TFF)

Quantitative analysis of the target protein expression

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Fermentation and Cell Culture Services