Protein Labeling and Conjugation

Protein Labeling and Conjugation Services

Labeled proteins allow us to study specific molecular interactions with high sensitivity in complex biological systems. They are important reagents in numerous biological applications such as assays, purifications, protein arrays, localization studies, flow cytometry, clinical imaging and much more. The quality of labeled proteins is critical for consistent and reliable data. Although labeling procedures appear to be simple and straightforward, most of them still need to be adjusted to take into consideration the nature of a protein in order to achieve the desired results. Possible problems during labeling procedures include protein losses due to precipitation, sample manipulation & instability, inconsistent label-to-protein ratio, incomplete removal of an unconjugated labeling probe, and poor protein characterization before and after labeling. In addition, new labeling technologies had emerged for site-directed labeling requiring an integration of protein expression and purification into the labeling process. We have extensive experience with various protein labeling techniques and are confident that we can provide you with high-quality labeled reagents for your downstream applications.

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  1. biotinylation with incorporation ratios determined by a HABA-based assay
  2. fluorescent probe conjugation with incorporation ratios determined by fluorescence
  3. other chemical moieties (for example, Sulfo-Tag, Dyes) with incorporation ratios determined by UV-Vis spectroscopy
  4. enzyme conjugation with incorporation ratios determined by enzyme activity assays


  1. C-terminal labeling through "Sortagging"
  2. N-terminal labeling through "Sortagging"
  3. labeling at glycosylation sites


  1. azido modified proteins and/or glycochains
  2. alkyne modified proteins and/or glycochains
  3. copper (I)-catalyzed click labeling
  4. copper-free click labeling
  5. various commercial choices of click partners including dual labels
  6. in situ applications
  7. protein conjugation and detection


  1. site-specific immobilization on a chip in oriented fashion
  2. protein conjugation to chromatography resin

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Protein Labeling and Conjugation Services