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Protein Purification Services

Our skills in custom protein purification were gained over many years of work with protein pharmaceuticals, drug targets,biological system components and biochemical reagents. All Protein Purification Services start with the analysis of physico-chemical and biological properties of a target protein resulting in the development of tailored procedures for its extraction, purification and characterization. Our purification strategy aims to achieve a homogeneous active protein preparation in two to three purification steps. This goal is reached by a thorough selection and optimization of the capture step, incorporation of a gel filtration step to remove aggregates, degradation products and other contaminants, selection of buffer conditions that stabilize biological activity and prevent product degradation. We routinely work with antibodies,antigens, enzymes, growth factors, DNA-binding proteins, membrane proteins, blood proteins and many more. Some of Although most proteins require an individual approach, we are confident that we can handle your protein. We will purify it cost-efficiently, characterize it according to your specifications and deliver it to you in an active and application-compatible form.

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Custom Protein Purification Features

  1. purification of
    1. fusion and tagged proteins from recombinant sources
    2. native proteins from natural sources
    3. antibodies of different isotypes including IgMs
    4. membrane proteins
  2. common protein purification scales range from 0.001g to 5g
  3. proteins are purified according to client-specified purity
  4. Protein purification methods from
    1. client-supplied protocols
    2. published protocols
    3. improved protocols from client-supplied or published protocols
    4. de novo protocols tailored to client's requirements
  5. any protein purification mode can be used
    1. ion-exchange
    2. gel filtration
    3. affinity (broad-spectrum)
    4. hydrophobic interaction
  6. refolding from inclusion bodies
  7. protein purification method development for transfer to a GMP facility
  8. dedicated columns are used in each project
  9. efficiency is provided by the automation and precision of AKTA systems from Amersham BioSciences (currently GE)

Analysis of intermediate and final purified proteins

  1. SDS-PAGE and/or dot/Western blotting are routinely used for fraction analysis
  2. final protein purity is determined by densitometry from Coomassie-stained gels
  3. final products are supplied with a certificate of analysis,purification report and, if applicable, a batch record

All custom purified proteins are

  1. supplied with a certificate of analysis tailored to client's specification (read more Protein Characterization Services)
  2. provided at specified protein concentration
  3. formulated in a buffer that protects from protein degradation due to proteolysis, oxidation and shear stress
  4. dispensed into specified aliquot sizes

Auxiliary Protein purification services include

  1. protein refolding
  2. endotoxin removal (read more Endotoxin Removal Services)
  3. tag removal
  4. labeling and conjugation (read more Protein Labeling and Conjugation Services)

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Protein Purification Services